Saturday, May 28, 2005

the margarita in black

I found this in a book. I cannot verify its authenticity as far as Johnny Cash ever having consumed one of these concoctions, but it does sound reasonable. Here are the instructions if you wish to build one in the privacy of your own home or have your local bartending professional construct one for you, though it should be relatively simple for even the most alcoholically novice.

Ingredients: one can of frozen limeade concentrate, tequila, Mountain Dew, ice.

Instructions: 1) Put limeade concentrate in a blender. 2) Use the empty can as a measuring cup to add one can tequila and one can Mountain Dew. 3) Add ice and blend.

The official name for this concoction is “A Boy Named Sue’s Man-in-Black Margarita”. I myself have never had one. Nor do I plan to have one, as I am not much for soft drinks—maybe going for a Diet Sun Drop about once a month—or overly sweet alcoholic beverages. I just thought that one of the handfull of people who accidentally stumble into my confused ramblings might find the information useful.

I’m not sure, but I believe that this was published before Johnny’s death. It doesn’t appear to have his blessing, as the Cash name is nowhere in its wordy title. Perhaps it was published posthumously with Johnny sending it from beyond the grave. Not even death can stop the choosing of Sam.

Sam Walton works in much the same way. On the rare occasion that I to venture into Wal-Mart I notice new varieties of Sam’s Choice colas and immediately picture a board meeting of executives gathered around a table full of various soda flavors encircling a ouija board.

I don’t see Johnny using the ouija board though. I picture him more as the seemingly disembodied voice coming from a burning bush or having his likeness appear in the rust stain on the side of a mobile home in a trailer park in Jackson, Tennessee.

I don’t see him requiring a blender for his adult beverages either, but, by all means, enjoy.


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