Wednesday, June 08, 2005

down and out in cherokee

This was taken at the El Camino Motel (no relation) in Cherokee, NC. I was vacationing in nearby Bryson City last Christmas and spent a week exploring the Carolina mountain towns.
el camino motel
The motel itself sits just beyond the parking lot of the casino. It stands two stories and has an old look to it that just begs for an independent film. I didn't document this.
I love old motel signs. I love any old neon signs really, and have a collection that includes better examples than this. I show this one because I was reminded of this missed opportunity that occured a fraction of a second before this was taken while recently going through some of my pics. Had I been slightly quicker with the digital camera I would've gotten this in the same shot.
an actual el camino
One only gets so many chances at this in a lifetime. Actually, there seems to be quick a number of El Caminos in Cherokee and I suppose I could've gotten another chance at it sometime that day, had I wanted to spend the day in the parking lot of a motel I wasn't even residing in. Also, there was money to be gambled away. Maybe next time.


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