Thursday, June 30, 2005

rex in an invisible bikini

Yes, a temporary change to make things a bit more festive for the holiday weekend.
ghost in the invisible bikini
I am not one to nitpick movies. I accept them for the fantasy world in which they reside and try to limit my complaints to historical inaccuracies, the rare boom mike dipping in and out of a scene, and extras who stare at the camera. This suspension of disbelief is doubly required for B-movies, especially those that both take place in or around the beach and include a healthy dose of paranormal elements. However, the above advertisement for the 1966 Tommy Kirk and Deborah Walley vehicle (Frankie and Annette actually turned the roles down, believe it or not) The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (with appearances by Boris Karloff and Nancy Sinatra) leaves two questions that demand an answer. Those of you with any resemblance of a life should’ve stopped reading sentences ago.

Question 1: What would be the purpose of an invisible bikini? I can understand an invisible cloak or invisible vehicle, as such objects guarantee one the element of stealth, but fail to see how an invisible bikini would be an attribute. If the bikini itself is invisible, then why not just go nude? If only the areas covered by the bikini are invisible, then what sort of advantage is gained over one’s enemies? This form of “invisible bikini” merely hides one’s naughty bits from public viewing…much like your common everyday household variety of bikini. The time of the scientific community has been wasted.

Question 2: Why the hell would a ghost need an invisible garment? The trait of invisibility naturally comes with being a ghost. A ghost in an invisible bikini is like Superman with a jetpack.
Maybe it has something to do with the veritable Whitman’s Sampler of disturbing B-movie monsters scattered about the poster. Maybe it has something to do with Nancy Sinatra’s musical numbers scattered about the film. I have no intention of finding out. Though these questions may haunt me the rest of my days, I fear there is more to haunt me from seeing the film. It would provide only more questions.
Indeed. There is something horrid for everyone.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

At first glance, I thought, maybe the bikini was possessed by a ghost, rather than, a ghost was wearing a bikini. Would that not present a more sinister and sick plot? A possessed bikini that finds itself in a pile around dressing rooms, just calling out for a wearer? And then when they put it on- they are in its clutches! Or maybe I'm just stupid.

- Lauren

3:04 PM  
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