Sunday, August 07, 2005

duane & duane

This is what I used to do with my weekly bouts of insomnia. Now I just sit around with the guitar and watch old episodes of The Twilight Zone on the Sci-Fi channel. That generally doesn’t work, and I am sometimes left sitting with the cat and watching the sunrise come up from behind our neighbor’s house. But this isn’t about that.

During last night’s insomnia I stumbled across the file containing my handful of Duane and Duane episodes. They follow the really horrible comedy team of a man and his hand puppet, and are based in part on my time as a puppeteer. Duane and Duane really do not care much for one another or understand why they are in a cartoon. They do not seem to like me either, but I find them somewhat amusing at three or four in the morning. Perhaps I will force them upon you from time to time.



Anonymous tha b said...

you are almost the talent onion that brian carter is... almost... your layers are not quite as odd and smelly...

nice strip... show more...


8:59 PM  
Anonymous David said...

I like DUANE, duane I'm not so sure about. I would like to see more. Hit me baby one more time...


1:23 AM  
Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

Dave, you have to take the DUANE with the duane (DUANE, by the way, is the puppet, as he tends to speak in all caps).

I'll try and put a new one up every Sunday.


5:34 PM  
Anonymous tom said...

What a great strip.

I would love to read more.


11:41 PM  

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