Thursday, December 08, 2005

wearing john malkovich

I didn't realize that he had gone into the clothing design business. He appears to have been in it for the last couple of years, and I have to wonder if I'm the only one who didn't know about this.

The actor best known for Being John Malkovich and being John Malkovich describes his Uncle Kimono clothing line as, "a men's wear collection which has resonance of late 1950's Californian beach boys, some Palm Springs Rat Pack, a touch of lounge lizards, and a recollection of a Swiss banker who's been let go."
We've all known the touch of lounge lizards, but I'm not sure it's something we want to be reminded of in a fifty dollar tee shirt or sixty dollar beret.
By the way, Malkovich turns 52 tomorrow.


Blogger Kat Coble said...

There were large chunks of time where I thought he was the hottest man around.

I have wierd crushes.

11:19 AM  
Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

That is perfectly acceptable, Katherine.

Someone once told me that I sort of look like Malkovich, but that person was wrong.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

I've had two people independently tell me that I look like Thom Yorke from Radiohead.

How do you react to that?

3:24 PM  
Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

I suppose it depends on if you're wanting to impress the young "emo" ladies, lee.

7:34 AM  
Blogger Joe Powell said...

Uncle Kimono?
Wasn't he a character from some late 1950s TV show later who was indicted on molestation charges of some kind?
If not, he should have been.

How do the clothes look if the wearer also has a monkey nearby?

10:12 AM  
Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

At those prices, the clothes should come with a free monkey.

2:21 PM  

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