Friday, June 10, 2005

bonnaroo descends

The Bonnaroovians are upon us. Each year at this time they return as if by instinct, swarming my local grocery and liquor/tobacco establishments just off the interstate. My side of Murfreesboro, mainly populated with soccer mom and Nascar dad types starts to look like this:
Well, not really. These appear to be genuine modern day hippies. These are not the people that my liquor store fills its aisles with extra cases of Sierra Nevada for. No, what I generally see more of is your fraternity/sorority jam band fans, trust fund hippies, and an assortment of ungroomed youth wearing Abercrombie and Finch. I didn’t have my camera with me at the grocery store yesterday, but my gut tells me they would be well represented by a stock photo of Glen Campbell.
ladies and gentlemen, glen campbell
Yes, that’s it. I think its something about the whole air of trendy nonconformity—more style than substance, as it were. It’s like that guy in high school who listened to Motley Crue and Queensrych (I’m not going to bother to look up the correct spelling) and hated the music of the Grateful Dead, yet covered all his notebooks and the back of his Ford Escort with an assortment of Grateful Dead stickers.
Let it be known that I have nothing against “jam bands” on the whole and hope for nothing but happiness and met expectations for all who brave the crowds. I own many jam band CDs and count the Allman Brothers Band as one of my top ten, maybe top five bands of all time. There are always a few bands on the bill that I would love to see, but way too many that I would avoid at all costs.
Dave Matthews will never go away and I’ve accepted that. John Mayer will probably be around as long as the Dave Matthews fans need a Dave Matthews substitute to pop in from time to time. Kings of Leon, while also being way overhyped, probably stand the most chance of fading away sometime in the near future, as they maintain a very dangerous style to substance ratio. While I certainly wish them no negative energy, I fear this next shot of Glen is the sort of thing awaiting them and many of the Bonnaroovians in the future:
glen campbell is drunk and angry


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