Monday, June 13, 2005

cocke county fight club

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  • story certainly won't reinforce any southern stereotypes. On the bright side, it got folks out of the meth labs. How ironic that it happened in Cocke County though. I’m sure there’s nothing funny to be made of that.

    Among the arrested were children and the elderly, many of the latter having to be medically treated after the shock of government agents busting and holding them at gunpoint. Perhaps the cocks were Cuban and Janet Reno wanted to get them back pronto.

    The story on the other side of the above link deals with the anger at the government busting in on all these “law abiding citizens”. It implies a federal harassment of peace loving people. Perhaps the cockfighting industry needs lobbyists, some friends in congress, and a good public relations campaign. Perhaps they need bumper stickers along the lines of “You can have my cock when you pry it from my cold dead hand.”
    Sorry. I couldn’t help it.


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