Saturday, June 18, 2005

remember to tip your bartender

You should go here just to enjoy the looping musical accompaniment. I myself often have it opened in another window while at the computer. It is captivating and hypnotic, having a "Girl From Ipanima" and theme song to "The Odd Couple" feel to it, though methinks it to be part of an Esquivel composition. At any rate, it makes me want to grab for the martini shaker every time. If you recognize the ditty please drop me an email, as I now have a link over on the right.
If you feel like grabbing for your martini making implements head on over to this place for some variety. I myself have never tried any of the recipes--preferring to stick with a standard gin concoction--but must admit to being tempted by the idea of a key lime martini.

Also, does anybody know Katie Couric's email address? Just asking.


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