Tuesday, June 14, 2005

who was your favorite jackson fanatic?

That’s a tough one. I first thought to award the honor to the Eurotrash delegation as a whole, but was then tempted by the young man who had apparently glued glitter all over his left hand. That’s love. Then there were the endless impersonators, the fat white guys who took time off from trolling the playgrounds in their 1975 Chevy vans, the racial conspiracy theorists, and the large crying Latino women, each certainly deserving in their own right.
However, I think that the albino chap in the pinstripe suit with white silk armband wins it for his enthusiastic expression of utter “pinnacle of life” joy…or white supremacist anger and indignation. I can’t really tell.
you've been hit by a smooth
Kudos to you, my pasty friend. You are indeed living the dream.
UPDATE: It turns out that he isn't albino, but Irish. I was close. The formerly albino chap pictured above is one Seany O'Kane from Derry, Ireland, and I think he answers the question: What would Bono be doing if he didn't have U2?
For more on Seany you can read
  • this story
  • about how Seany and some other fans protected the group from the mind tricks of a handpuppet.


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