Thursday, November 17, 2005

pontotoc 'night monkey' attack

In other attacking monkey news...

November 17, 2005
Miss. -- A woman received 20 stitches after being attacked by a kinkajou, a racoon-like pet that escaped from a home five miles away. Sadie Hester, 82, said when she went out on the porch Saturday morning, the animal jumped on her, wrapped its tail around her arm and started biting her repeatedly.
The animal is often referred to as ''night monkey,'' but is kin to the raccoon. It is native to the rainforests of Central and South America and weighs 4 to 8 pounds.
Hester's son captured the animal and took it to the hospital to be observed for rabies.

This is a kinkajou

...which is not to be confused with a kinkyjew.

I hope that helps. But if it does not, this first installment of the "Blog of Doom Tasteless News Reenactment" should clear things right up. Apologies in advance to my many relatives in Mississippi.
kinkajou attack reenactment


Blogger Vol Abroad said...

Shoot your blog reenactment made me laugh so hard I nearly choked (course that could be the smoker's cough).

I keep tellin' the Vol-in-Law I want a monkey pet, but he keeps saying no.

The only people I know who did have a monkey pet were from Mississippi.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Muffy said...

Isn't that a sugar glider?

11:47 AM  
Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

Kinkajous and sugar gliders look quite a bit alike and can often be bought at the same place, Muffy. They fall into that same pet genre, I guess. This picture is of a young kinkajou, but I believe they grow to be a bit larger than most sugar gliders.

I also want a monkey, VA, but it will probably never happen.

3:17 PM  
Blogger rugdesigner said...

I wonder if the kinkyjews bite as well...

4:06 PM  
Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

I'm sure they would if they ever took the cigar out for long enough, rugdesigner.

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Muffy said...

Aw MAN I want one of these things too!! Yeah after I left you that comment I went to look them up.. they get quite substantial in size.

Although... I don't think I could handle pets that have to be fed grubs or bugs. Which is the reason why I don't have a sugar glider.


5:16 PM  
Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

My neighbor had a sugar glider side business going when we first moved in a couple of years ago. I don't know what all that entailed, but his garage was full of sugar glider cages and accessories. I never saw any sugar gliders though. It was the first time I had ever heard of them, and I immediately got on the computer to investigate.

I would think that a sort of "sugar glider chow" would be available for those who don't want to deal with bugs. If not, then I think we have found a possibly lucrative void in the marketplace.

6:04 PM  

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