Friday, December 09, 2005

a monkey update

Performing street monkeys in Indonesia are giving folks retroviruses. I believe that signs of a "retrovirus" include the wearing of much polyester, but do not quote me on that, as I am no longer licensed to practice medicine in the continental US.

Anyway, don't pet the street monkeys. This story gives you all the details and provides a picture of bicycle riding monkey that slightly resembles Tom Waits.
And in other monkey news...
Folks keep showing up here through searches similar to this one, and I assume that it is part of their Christmas shopping.
Don't say you weren't warned, folks. However, if you proceed with the procurement of your kinkajou and then realize your error, you will also be able to find me with this search, as some already have.
I only pray that it won't be too late.
And in news that has nothing to do with monkeys but clearly falls under the heading of unwise housepets...
I've never understood having a bird as a pet. They are loud, unclean, and have a most unsettling odor about them. I fear them, to be honest. I once had a friend who worked at a pet store explain to me how easily a parrot could snap one of my digits from my hand with only the slightest motion of its sharp little beak. I immediately withdrew my taunting finger from the cage and decided that bird ownership was not for me.
I was reminded of this recently by a great post from Todd A.


Anonymous sethro (tull) said...

i must echo your feelings on pet birds. i feel that birds are wonderful majestic creatures ment to be admired from afar, outside, perhaps with binoculars, or with the aid of a National Geographic film crew.
an old friend of mine had to keep a parrot for another friend of hers years ago. this bird loved women and hated men. as a man and a frequent guest in her house i found this a bit unnerving particualrly after the bird, having escaped/been released from his cage flew at my head out of nowhere one evening as i was peacefully reading a coffee table book waiting for my friend to finish getting all dolled up so we could go see Pavement.
needless to say my reaction was to flail about the room and scream. the bird was screaming too, then my friend was screaming...we were all screaming and in the midst of it i managed to knock the bird into the wall. this made my friend scream again and run to the bird to assist it.
i had been scratched and lacerated (bird feathers can do that, you know) and did not give a damn how the bird was feeling. in fact, the voice in my head shouted "finish him!" i still wish that i had...there are lots of parrots and i'm not even friends with that girl anymore which had nothing to do with this story.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

Ha! You certainly should have finished him. Never leave an enemy to fight another day, Sethro.

Someone should collect these bird experiences and publish them as Cautionary Tales for Those Contemplating Bird Ownership.

2:12 PM  

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