Tuesday, March 28, 2006

what's she building in there?

Here our Rex will attempt the seemingly difficult task of impersonating Brad Schmitt, Nashville’s version Joan Rivers trapped in the unkempt body of a drunken and disheveled Steve Gutenberg long after fame has passed him by. Can a man engage in local celebrity gossip and still maintain a shred of dignity? Read on to find out, brave reader.

I can understand a healthy dislike of Steve Gutenberg, but what do you have against Schmitty?

He is a grown man who (and perhaps I give him too much credit with my choice of verbs here) feigns interest in the Backstreet Boys for a living.

I have nothing but respect for the man and find him to be a beacon of journalistic integrity amid a sea of worthless hacks.
Don’t tell me you’re holding out hope for a shout out, you pompous bastard! We don’t need that kind of pub.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Just get on with it.

Anyway, a reliable source witnessed my sweet Gillian emerge from Nashville’s Woodland Studios and climb into an awaiting Cadillac Escalade on Saturday afternoon.

I parked beside Gillian outside the Station Inn a few years back, and she certainly wasn’t driving a Caddy Escalade at the time. I don’t remember the specific model of vehicle, but it was something long, pointy, and vintage. It looked like the kind of car that Hank Williams could’ve died in, and I gazed upon it and smiled.

Does this indicate that Gillian Welch all about the bling now? Is she working on a new hybrid genre of “folk hop” or perhaps even “gangsta folk”? Will she and David Rawlings blend their sweet and other worldly harmonies on lines about how hard it is for a pimp out there? Was there a chilled bottle of Cristal awaiting my lovely songbird in what may or may not be her new ride?

I know not the answers to these or similar questions, as Mrs. Welch could not be reached for comment. This probably has more to do with my having no idea as to how one would go about reaching her than an attempt at avoidance on her part, but I thought it needed to be said.

This much is true: Whatever emerges from that studio will be infinitely better than anything else that comes out of this town between now and whenever my Gillian decides to again grace a local studio with her presence.
And anyone who says otherwise is obviously itching for me to bust a cap in his or her respective ass.


Anonymous Joe P. said...

Rex you are prolific.
I like Gillian too. Years ago I went with a buddy to hear bluegrass and also heard Gillian prior to them. I said that that time, that little orphan girl sound is going to take her a long way. And that fellow playing that toy archtop guitar - he's alright too.
On another note:
Henry is still in process but I have posted on my web site a relic from the past - an essay in clipart describing a day in the life of a happy worker from happyscoring.com. In actual fact, happyscoring.com no longer exists but the essay lives on.
Click on my name above to see it. Joe

6:30 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

So last night I was grubbing for something to write about. I popped in "Look at Miss Ohio" and was struck headlong by the muse. While trying to piece together my wayward, meandering thoughts I jumped over here to the ol' Blog of Doom and saw that you'd beat me to the proverbial punch. Deflated, I moved along... She's a wonder isn't she? I wonder if you caught the recent Jonathan Demme interview where HE was starstruck by ending up at Emmylou Harris' and seeing that Gillian was in attendance. Pretty telling, eh?

I always enjoy my visits here.


12:11 AM  
Blogger newscoma said...

I saw Gillian at the Station Inn awhile back, and in a word, exquisite.

5:24 AM  
Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

Exquisite, indeed.

I had that same song stuck in my head for the past couple of days, Ryan. Also, a scribbler of your skill should never leave here deflated.

I can't ever get the pictures on your site to show up on my computer, Joe. However, I'm still quite interested in the goings on of Henry.

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Hi Rex.
About the iffyness of the pictures on my site. Are you viewing from within your blogger editing window? If so, my server might be under the impression it is defending against hotlinking, thus refusing to serve up the pictures.
Try opening the URL in a fresh browser window.
On the subject of Henry's Extreme Inward Anxiety, Henry is having a little trouble finding his voice ... he seems to need to rewrite everything again and again before he can even get on to write anything new for the day. Kind of like the "Lathe of Heaven", but not.
Anyway, Rex. You could put my weblog on your other blogs list if you want.
The title of the blog is "Love Life Word Work" and I want to be famous like you so any consideration would be appreciated.

11:13 AM  

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