Monday, June 26, 2006

fetch another big ass shoe box

It is getting to the point that one should regard the "world's oldest turtle" with the same detachment normally reserved for matadors with poor depth perception and "gangsta" rappers.
Yes, I mean to say that "Harriet" has passed away after having only held the title a few short months since the death of "Addwaitya". Sorry for just coming out with it like that, but there is never an easy way to break these things.
By the way, creationists may take notice of the line in the obituary about Darwin having originally mistaken Harriet for a male turtle and somehow use that to tarnish his controversial theories. However, in Charlie's defense, turtles are quite protective of their naughty bits.


Anonymous Pedro Cohen said...

"turtles are quite protective of their naughty bits"

You've obviously not been to Dickerson Road recently...

12:04 PM  

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