Saturday, June 10, 2006

unsolicited support

Unsolicited Support
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Mrs. Camino suggested for the longest time that I sell t-shirts and associated materials to go along with the humble blog 'o doom, but I honestly never thought there would be much interest. I was incorrect and wish to offer a big gracias to the few of you who validated her suggestion.

Some politically astute individuals have bought the "Rex for Senate t-shirts (modeled here by by the unsolicited Mr. Tim Morgan), and I'm sure that special lady in your life keeps dropping hints for the "Rex for Ladies" shirt, but there may be some of you who plan to vote for a real candidate who discusses actual issues and promises to do more in Washington than hang out at this Smithsonian all day abusing his senatorial status as he does so by insisting on wearing Lincoln's stovepipe hat. You feel that feigning support for me will take precious votes away from your candidate, and there may even be a fear of my candidacy somewhere within your heart.

I understand. For you, there is a front and back designed non-political t-shirt available in various styles.

And remember that anyone seen sporting merchandise of doom in any form or fashion will certainly not be counted among the non-believers when I do finally assume my rightful place on the throne get elected to something.


Blogger H.U.T.S. said...

Where's the Rex L. Camino with Stovepipe hat tour at the Smithsonioan t-shirt?

8:35 AM  
Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

That's an idea. I suppose I should try on the hat first, but two questions come to mind:

1. Did Lincoln have a large head. If not, I'm libel to stretch it and piss off any number of Lincoln fans.

2. Has it been sprayed recently for beard mites?

Bonus question: Can one without a beard still get beard mites? If not, then disregard #2.

6:19 PM  

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