Thursday, December 07, 2006

tommy turns 57

I almost forgot that today was a holiday.


Anonymous Joe Perry said...

57 - wow that's ancient. He's ten weeks younger than I. Well, never mind.
I knew some people liked his music but I didn't. I used to see him on the tv sitting at the piano growling. I certainly noticed him but I wondered what people saw in him. I think I also thought of him as a kind of poser, a put-on if you know what I mean.
Then, just a week ago I was driving home from northern Davidson County listening to public radio. I listened to a 30-minute interview featuring him and his music. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The production values were my dream values. His voice, painfully gravelly and made more so by electronic distortion, nonetheless is very rich and sonorous.
But ... Rex, I'm sorry to confess to you I won't be buying any recordings. First reason - I'm too poor. Second reason - I appreciate music more when I encounter it while walking through life with my ears open. Surfing the sound waves, so to speak. I listen to radio, and see musical programs on television (when there is no flavor of CSI on).
A couple years ago I saw a Spanish bagpipe player named Hevia, who could move mountains with his Asturian pipes.
A few weeks ago I happened to see on the arts channel Charlotte Church singing The Prayer from Hansel and Gretel with a boy doing the alto. That touched me deeply. They were so earnest I was as proud of them as if they were my own kids.
Well, I could go on.
Tom Waits' music really impressed me. I happened on it as I was just surfing the radio - I don't know why I would like him now but not before.
Well, Rex. Thanks for the message about Waits. When you think of him as a newborn just bear in mind I was ten weeks old that day.
See you. Joe

9:58 PM  

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