Monday, June 20, 2005

rex l. camino outs self, sort of

Cats and Kittens,

I have to admit that this notion of being "outed" has old Rex mighty a feared. Ever since I read the South Knox Bubba story I’ve been looking over my shoulder, seized with the terrifying possibility that the person sitting at an adjacent table at might be one of the handful of readers who have stumbled across this humble blog, and that something here might have them terribly disgruntled. A person can’t live like this. So I will therefore take a cue from Bubba and have my own “coming out”, as it were. This won’t be a full revealing, mind you, but just enough to let the more quick-witted among you decipher who I am and relieve a little of the pressure on myself.

Okay. Deep breath. Here goes…

Name: “Phil”
Business: Governor of a large southern state that requires four e’s to be spelled correctly. No, it is not Mississippi, but I can see where you were confused. My state resembles a somewhat skewed parallelogram, is known primarily for road kill and road construction, and was the home of the late actor Jim Varney.

Now that a keen few of you are in on my secret I certainly hope that you will stop giving me grief for my more official blog. It is much more fun to take the laptop and a bottle of the state’s finest whisky under the desk and venture out into cyberspace as someone else for a while.

Which reminds me: Does anyone know a good way to get rid of some Commies and a few sick folks that seem to have congregated outside the door? There is no back way out of this place and the “not around today” thing only works for so long. The person responsible for the winning solution will receive a sports franchise of his/her choice.

Good Luck.


Blogger Aunt B said...

Dear Rex,

Don't try to rid yourself of the angry mob. Instead, think of old Harry Burn (hmm, that sounds like a pseudonym, too) casting the most unpopular vote of the year in 1919. He climbed out of a capitol window, made his way across the ledge, and hid in the capitol attic to escape angry mobs.

You might consider doing the same.

p.s. I love professional wrestling and hear that the naming rights for the GEC are up for grabs. Perhaps a simple change to the ABEC?

4:26 PM  
Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

Then professional wrestling it is, Aunt B (provided that your suggestion prevails). Although, I had hoped someone would request a professional soccer team so that we could please the Commies at the same time and therefore make everyone somewhat happy.

We shall see.

5:41 PM  

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