Friday, November 25, 2005

the fancy ones will also have rhinestones, but those are for special occasions...and special ladies

I have never shopped on the day after Thanksgiving, and I never will. The idea of wrestling with three generations of large women in matching puff-painted and sequined sweatshirts who conduct all their transactions in slowly written checks featuring butterflies and kittens or Dale Earnhardt has never appealed to me. I often find myself in line behind them at the grocery store or department of motor vehicles and have yet to come away from those encounters feeling that our time together was insufficient.

Mrs. Camino toyed with the idea of rising at five and joining in the festivities but reconsidered after we left the late showing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire around one o’clock this morning. Also, very little of her wardrobe features puff paint or sequins, and she has yet to be so bold as to attempt a combination of the two.
I believe her Christmas gift has just availed itself to me.


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