Thursday, January 05, 2006

another melrose place cancellation

I was sorry to see the Sutler close its doors last month. It was by no means my favorite local watering hole or music venue, but I hate to lose any place with a little bit of history to it.
I had actually only been in there once. I recall that the place obviously hadn't undergone any redecoration in its thirty years and that the stage was a bit inadequate for the five piece band I was with that night. It was more roomy than the stage at the Family Wash, but so are most phone booths.
Are there still phone booths?
Anyway, my bass and I were relegated to the far side of the stage, just out of reach for the jabbing bow of an enthusiastic fiddle player and in the midst of a few decade's worth of framed promo shots. It was probably for the best, as my Rex L. Camino mask would've probably distracted the handful of audience members.


Anonymous tha b said...

thank goodness you've finally got some sun... you look almost grey in that photo... you should post a more recent pic of your new bronzed face... ;-)

7:31 PM  
Anonymous sethro (tull) said...

i will miss the sutler's sound booth which doubled as a "fry-station" really warmed up the mix.

12:54 PM  

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