Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Tapdancing has as much to do with the arms as with the feet. Any aspiring tapdancer who fails to accept or even recognize this should do the honorable thing and relegate themselves to the rigid-armed spectacle of mountain folkdancing.
People, I shouldn't have to keep saying this.


Blogger Exador said...

However, if you choose to take up the RiverDance, you can dance like hell, and not spill your drink.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Lauren said...

I've seen some tap dancing, I have to say, without the arms it would be like riverdance. There should be some full body movement.. but if someone was spinning their hands around like mad, and walking down a flight of stairs.. it wouldn't be entertainment.. Well, actually I'd probably watch that.

- Lauren

10:08 PM  
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Blogger Rita said...

All the mountain folkdancing I have seen has involved a fair amount of arm movements.

Then again, I am basing that solely on my nearly constant viewing of Appalachian Mountain Dancer Jessco White, the Dancing Outlaw:

12:59 PM  

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