Tuesday, June 21, 2005

seany o'kane update

Some of you may recall a formerly albino bloke by the name of Seany O’Kane, winner of the first annual “Rex L. Camino’s Favorite Jackson Fanatic” spirit award. If you do not, then please take a look at this and its subsequent links before proceeding. Also, please take note of my improved HTML linking skills while you are at it.
Now, none of you whatsoever has written to me asking about what has happened to Seany after his moment in the sun was over, but it doesn’t matter. I will tell you anyway. Believe it or not, those of you in the Wavertree area of Liverpool (yes, that Liverpool) can not only meet but also live with the Seany O’Kane. No joke. One would think that someone who sat outside the courthouse at the Jackson trial would have no shortage of friends, yet I stumbled across this.
"Grumpy shits" need not apply, while smooth criminals, one would assume, are welcome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seany Okane is now a contestant in Uk Big Brother

2:04 PM  

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