Monday, January 09, 2006

more on the legal front

The Alito hearings begin this week, and in a way I am disappointed. I have nothing against the man and no real political statement to make. It's just that I keep hearing the name "Judge Alito" on the radio news, and for a brief moment I think they're saying "Judge Ito".
Judge Ito would be much more entertaining.
Sethro mentioned that the Boz Scaggs classic "Lido Shuffle" creeps into his mind when he hears the name "Alito", and now the same thing happens to me. Methinks it would be hard to beat a political figure with a Boz Scaggs theme song, but I am no expert.
As far as the Supreme Court goes, I would back Tim Calhoun, the same person who got my presidential vote in aught-four. This doesn't contain his plea to be nominated to the Supreme Court, but it will give you an idea of where he stands.


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