Sunday, March 05, 2006

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Between my ten hour work days and six day work week, my guitar lessons and various band practices, the sacred cocktail hour with Mrs. Camino, and my recent purchase of an upright bass (more on that later), I haven't had much time to get through the assorted books I'm reading.
This list now includes Todd A's Being Good, and I thought I should say a couple of things on my impressions from the few pages I've had time for. Others on the list have already posted their thoughts, and I didn't want to wait until my completion of it, as that will probably occur sometime in April.
1. First, I dig the idea of sending out free copies of your book to folks with blogs of all shapes and sizes, and for that I offer my meager bit of free publicity on this site. There are plenty of folks out there with the skill to scribble out an interesting or compelling chunk of wordage, but most lack the salesmanship to take it beyond their laptops, typewriters, manifestos, and blogs. Kudos to you on this, Todd. I think I might even blatantly rip off the technique if my Misery Loves Chachi: The Unauthorized Biography of Scott Baio ever gets untangled from its current legal troubles.
2. The first line compels me to read on. I will reprint it here without permission:
It is a humbling moment in a man's life when, as he enters his late twenties he first loses a button off a pair of pants because of his expanded mid-section girth.
I can relate to the whole first paragraph. I too wore a size thirty-two in college. Okay, maybe it was thirty-three, but I think it's only up to thirty-four now.
Anyway, I just wanted it to be known that I will always accept free stuff.


Anonymous tha b said...

please do tell more about this new bass... pix too please...

maybe I can play my lap steel at the same time and we can start a new band called 'the vague pitch'

tha b.

7:36 PM  
Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

Details and pics will be provided at some point. It needs some work but was fairly cheap. Still, it sounds good and frightens the housepets.

8:32 PM  

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