Sunday, February 19, 2006

something for everyone

Randy Newman's Good Old Boys is certainly a great album that deserves repeated listenings, but there can be a problem with getting the first song stuck in your head. The chorus to "Rednecks" is a catchy one, but it isn't the sort of thing one wants to be mindlessly singing while in that zombie-like line at the grocery store behind all the other milk, bread, and egg foragers.
Certain non-rednecks will find it humorous until the last line.


Anonymous Sarcastro said...

One of Randy's best, without a doubt.

When he played at TPAC with the Nashville Symphony, they sat out during "Rednecks", for obvious reasons.

In the Army, I used to play it in the barracks so people would complain to a drill sergeant. I wanted to have the confrontation about how use of certain words were acceptable in rap music, for instance, but not acceptable for satirical songwriters, and how damn double-standardy the whole thing was.

The Senior Drill Instructor looked at my CDs one day and exclaimed "Holy Shit, Good Old Boys! I love this record, but haven't been able to find it. Can I borrow it?"

4:39 PM  
Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

It certainly seemed to rise in popularity due to "Louisiana 1927" after Katrina hit. I picked it up a couple of years back after reading an interview with the Drive-By Truckers in which they cite that along with Lynyrd Skynyrd as the main influences behind "Southern Rock Opera". I had always wanted to get into Newman, and that gave me a good starting off point.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Sarcastro said...

My Newman starting off point was buying the 45 for "Short People" at a Sears store in the uh, Age of Enlightenment.

First Album purchase was Land of Dreams, then Good Old Boys.

11:37 AM  

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