Saturday, February 11, 2006

brooms not bombs

Are there many Islamic Fundamentalist nations participating in these Olympic winter games?
Is hiding in a cave a winter sport?
Ha! Yes, we all know that the italicized bastard likes to kid with the Islamic Fundamentalists, but it would probably be good to point out that he only does so because he loves and respects them so much.
Why did you delete my comment about the "mentalist" part?
Never mind that. Anyway, It wouldn't surprise me if hiding in a cave was an Olympic competition. However, I am not here to disparage the peoples of the world gathering together and dressing in giant condom suits to dance on ice or "luge" it up, as it were.
It simply isn't in your nature.
No, it is not. As always, I would prefer to use this humble little forum to make the world a better place. So it is that I say to the Iranians and Danes alike:
When men have disagreements over cartoons, it is best to solve them on the ice with brooms and what looks to be an antiquated tea kettle. Indeed, the time has come to turn from the path of jihad and the path of whatever the hell path the Danes take when they get pissed off and settle this dispute with a nice bout or match or whatever the hell you call it when people get together and "compete" at curling.
Just a suggestion.


Anonymous David said...

I think this is a beautiful suggestion. A lot of the worlds problems could be settled with curling. World leaders could meet in neutral UN sanctioned curling halls and slide their problems away. Does the U.S.A. want tougher trade regulations with China? Make em' curl for it! The profits from the TV rights alone could solve all the small problems created by the trade deficit. In no time we could be in the black with the troops back home and entertainment to boot. I personally would love to see the Iranians and Danes compete on the ice rather than burning down each others embassies. Yes yes a fine plan indeed. I am e-mailing the curling commission next. At the end of a long week, I look to Rex for simple pleasures and answers to the problems that are bigger than us all. Rex provides both. Thank you Rex for your wisdom and continued support. Let me know if you would like to start a local curling team and when we can practice. I want to run the broom!

12:31 AM  

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