Tuesday, February 21, 2006

goodbye flying camino

Today was one of those days that I spent the majority of as a human powderkeg, in a manner of speaking. It would've only taken the slightest prompting from our current client to either have me dramatically quit on the spot or respond to the prompting in a manner sure to elicit a swift and decisive termination of my employment. I was hoping for the latter but did not find satisfaction.
I spent most of my teaching year in that same mood. I always wanted to be prepared to dramatically quit at the drop of a hat and even ensured this option by keeping all my valuable self-purchased supplies in my car. I never left anything in my desk that I couldn't leave behind.
It was a counterproductive attitude to take, but there was still something reasurring about this mirage of freedom.
At any rate, my dizzy spells have returned. I'm thinking now that they were brought on by work-related stress in the first place and not a brain tumor, as I have always suspected. Nonetheless, they are here now, and I fear that this lack of balance will be the final blow to my dream of someday giving it all up and becoming a trapeze artist of sorts.
Say it isn't so! I already had "The Flying Camino Brothers" stitched into our tights.
I'm afraid it was all for naught. Besides, the fear of heights would've probably proved itself a greater or equal impediment as my inability to successfully deal with gravity on a regular basis.
Still, where one dream dies, perhaps another may be fulfilled.
This particular project will only last the next month, and I have dealt with paranoid imbeciles in closer situations and for much longer periods of time than that, but there is still sufficient time to dramatically walk out of my half-job in some legendary fashion.
Yes, and then we'll burn things.
We will not burn things. Saying things like that out loud will only make this post "People's Exhibit A".
No, we will go back to being a landscaper, man of leisure, or destitute man, formerly of leisure, who has lived the dream and suffered the consequences.
And won't that be something.


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