Sunday, April 23, 2006

return of the dreaded manuel labor

The Lady Camino had me outside pressure washing the driveway and fence all day, and the machinery was much too loud for headphones. Therefore, I had to stand there soaking wet in the heat trying to amuse myself in order to keep from thinking.
I learned that:
1. Those big ass crickets may be fast, but they are not so fast as to escape the geyser-like force of my father-in-law's industrial pressure washer.
2. It is quite difficult to pull off an image of Mary, Jesus, Ma Teresa, Pope John Paul, 2: the fast track to sainthood boogaloo, Princess Di, Pat Morita, or Don Knotts in a manner that gives it that "simply appeared" look.
3. Sun burns flesh.


Anonymous Lauren said...

Being indifferent to insect death, and killing for recreation are two different things. I'm ashamed of both of us, but I'm more ashamed of you.

Save the Crickets from the Hoses!

- L

9:07 PM  
Anonymous lauren said...

Okay, more specifically, I'm circumstancially indifferent. I do help bugs sometimes.

Save the Crickets from the Hoses, Again!

P.S. I've never gotten the point of the "word verification."

9:09 PM  
Blogger Rex L. Camino said...

They taunted me with their shrill cricket laughter. They taunt me no more.

I noticed that my archives are saturated in blogspam comments. "Word verification" should limit that.

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Lauren said...

It feels good to understand the purpose of word verification.

I used to think that it was used to keep people with bad eyesight from being able to post things. What's worse is that in the past I have had to try multiple times before achieving the correct five letter arrangement.

Thank you Rex, for bringing me one step further from unsatisfactory.

- L

3:36 PM  

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