Sunday, April 30, 2006

dear nfl owners, general managers, coaches, yesmen, and assorted lackeys of all shapes and sizes,

You may not see me on the boards or hear my names bandied about by the various prognosticators, but I'm still undrafted and available. I may not be graceful or play all that well, but you will not find a player more willing to cheat or play dirty than Rex L. Camino. Also, I am older and more mature and therefore less prone to horseplay and grabass.


Anonymous Lauren said...

If I owned a football team, I'd designate yours as the official ass for grabbin' Mr. Camino!

Aside from that.. look out for the SpikeTV show "Pros VS. Joes" [unsure when it's set to air]

I think you might enjoy it.

- L

11:14 PM  

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